Thursday, November 1, 2007

First & Foremost

First And Foremost, I LOVE Coach Products!
I Was introduced To Coach About 3 Years Ago By My Younger Sister, Who Bought Me My Very First Coach Bag {Black/White Small Soho Hobo, See Pic} For My Birthday.
Little Did I Know How Popular & Trendy These Bags Were Or The Whole Coach Brand For That Matter...
She Ordered My Bag On Coach.Com & Had It Delivered To My Home.
At The Time My Husband And I Were Employed By The Same Company, So When He Brought The Package To Work For Me, And I Opened It Outside On My Break, The Shiny Burgandy Coach Box With A Ribbon Around It Was In There, And I Swear My Heart Fluttered.
A Crowd Began To Form Around Me... As I Unwrapped The White Signature C Tissue Paper,
Oohs & Ahhs Came From My Co Workers. Even The Company Owner Said " Wow, Coach Huh?"
LOL Like It Was Some Sort Of Status Symbol....

From That Day On, I Have Bought Bags, Recieved Bags As Gifts, Been The Proud Reciever Of Hand Me Down Bags, Sold Some On Ebay That Didnt Quite Fit My Style, And Also Been Scammed On Ebay By The Old Bait & Switch.
I Have Also Questioned My Own Bags Authenticity, To Find Out Later They Were 100% Authentic.
I Have Seen Horrible Fakes, Great Looking Fakes, As Well As Seen Real Coach Products For Sale At Unbelievable Prices!

So As A Testament To My Coach Loyalty As Well As A Helping Hand To Others, I Decided To Create This Blog. I Plan To Blog With As Much Detailed Info As I Can Possibly Acquire In Hopes Of Preventing Someone Else From Buying A Fake Coach Bag!
We Ladies Work Hard For Our Money {Or Maybe Our Husbands Do, lol} And Some 2 Bit Street Vendor OR White Collar Con Artist Is NOT About To Take Us Coach Addicts For A Ride!

The Pictures On The Right Side Are Just Some Of My Favorite Authentic Coach Products, Some Of Which I Own, Others Which I Aspire To Own Soon! = )