Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Quick Update

I hope everyone has had a wonderful & healthy holiday season...And maybe received some beautiful Coach bags as gifts??
I just wanted to check in real quick as I have had a ton of people contact me regarding the white dust bags..
Yes now Coach does provide white satin dust bags however, the ones pictured under my "fake" pictures are still indeed un-authentic.. They are made of a very thin cheap fabric with a sloppy Coach stamp, The authentic Coach sleeper bags for accessories will usually have red drawstrings & red Coach printing & although they are made of a thinner material, the Coach stamp looks as it would on any other authentic coach product..Coach never uses or would provide you with anything that looks so cheap to store a high quality bag in!

Also, There have been alot of websites popping up over the years that claim to be authorized resellers at HUGE discounted prices..A dead give-a-way is when EVERY SINGLE bag is priced the same..thats ridiculous..Stay far away! If the text on the descriptions is in broken english Stay far away! If you cant find any reviews of previous purchases from past customers or photos of actual bags (and not just stock pics) Stay far away!!

Counterfeiters are becoming more & more advanced these days so there are some really good fakes out there, but there will ALWAYS be at least one sign that it isnt real; always trust your gut, if your questioning stitching, or labels, or material, chances are its fake..
Unfortunately I dont have experience with the vintage (much older all leather styles) bags but you are more than welcome to email me with pics & questions at

Lastly, If you see a similar website or blog with the exact same wording as I use here, please let me know, because although I did find my pictures online, everything typed here has been done from my perspective alone..

Happy Shopping :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updates coming soon!

I know I havent updated or posted in a long time..and for that i apologize..So much has changed and been added to our beloved Coach line..I promise I will be updating within the next month, to help everyone distinguish the difference between real & fake in the newer Coach styles..

In the meantime I can be emailed at if anyone needs help telling the difference..If you can, always include pics of the bag in question & I will help as much as I can! See you soon :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

First & Foremost

First And Foremost, I LOVE Coach Products!
I Was introduced To Coach About 3 Years Ago By My Younger Sister, Who Bought Me My Very First Coach Bag {Black/White Small Soho Hobo, See Pic} For My Birthday.
Little Did I Know How Popular & Trendy These Bags Were Or The Whole Coach Brand For That Matter...
She Ordered My Bag On Coach.Com & Had It Delivered To My Home.
At The Time My Husband And I Were Employed By The Same Company, So When He Brought The Package To Work For Me, And I Opened It Outside On My Break, The Shiny Burgandy Coach Box With A Ribbon Around It Was In There, And I Swear My Heart Fluttered.
A Crowd Began To Form Around Me... As I Unwrapped The White Signature C Tissue Paper,
Oohs & Ahhs Came From My Co Workers. Even The Company Owner Said " Wow, Coach Huh?"
LOL Like It Was Some Sort Of Status Symbol....

From That Day On, I Have Bought Bags, Recieved Bags As Gifts, Been The Proud Reciever Of Hand Me Down Bags, Sold Some On Ebay That Didnt Quite Fit My Style, And Also Been Scammed On Ebay By The Old Bait & Switch.
I Have Also Questioned My Own Bags Authenticity, To Find Out Later They Were 100% Authentic.
I Have Seen Horrible Fakes, Great Looking Fakes, As Well As Seen Real Coach Products For Sale At Unbelievable Prices!

So As A Testament To My Coach Loyalty As Well As A Helping Hand To Others, I Decided To Create This Blog. I Plan To Blog With As Much Detailed Info As I Can Possibly Acquire In Hopes Of Preventing Someone Else From Buying A Fake Coach Bag!
We Ladies Work Hard For Our Money {Or Maybe Our Husbands Do, lol} And Some 2 Bit Street Vendor OR White Collar Con Artist Is NOT About To Take Us Coach Addicts For A Ride!

The Pictures On The Right Side Are Just Some Of My Favorite Authentic Coach Products, Some Of Which I Own, Others Which I Aspire To Own Soon! = )

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ok So Heres The Deal....

If you are thinking about purchasing a handbag from a questionable source, then the smartest thing to do is to go to the Coach website or even go into a reputable store that carries Coach products. But I do understand that not all of us have "Coach" money so we venture faithfully to sites such as Ebay with hopes in snagging a deal. As long as you are armed with the correct knowledge, then you should be able to get an awesome deal on an authentic Coach product on a realistic budget.

Telling The Difference

There are some simple ways to train your eye to notice flaws in a fake, and distinguish whether its authentic or not.
The simplest way in determining authenticity would be to examine the layout of the signature C’s.
The C’s should be lined up perfectly to the center. Although it is not uncommon for the mini-signature C collections to be off by a tiny bit only on the sides. So don’t freak out. But I mean a TINY BIT! In most cases, the Cs are aligned perfectly.
Ok, so here are some examples:

Another way to tell a fake wannabe from a real Coach is to take notice of the signature style C placement. For the Coach signature collection the style will always be with two C’s next to each other in doubles, not as the picture shows below, in a single row of C’s

You can tell by not only the style of the bag, but also the pattern. If the pattern is not the famous Coach signature C, but rather a different letter, such as an O or a G or even a Q then it’s an obvious fake.

Dust bags are another way to tell if the seller is offering you aithentic Coach merchandise. Sleeper Bags Or Dust Bags should be dark chocolate brown with a red drawstring. In the bottom right the words in all caps “COACH EST.1941″ written in white. Coach does not use cheap material to make these. There are many replica dust bags floating around on the Internet. So if you see one stay away, chances are that bag is also a fake.

Coach also commonly uses logo tags that are attached by a beaded metal chain. Usually, the tag should match the trim of the bag. The words “COACH” should be raised, not imprinted.

Some styles do have metal tags. Do your research to make sure that the tag goes with the bag you are getting. It is not uncommon for counterfeiters to mass-produce these metal tags; it’s the cheaper more profitable way. Keep in mind that tags are never made out of hard plastic.

Additional Flaws In Fakes To Look Out For

Coach uses ykk zippers. Be sure to check if the markings are on the zippers.

The seams of the bag and interior authenticity tag should not be glued on but rather neatly stitched on. Coach takes pride in experienced craftsmanship on each and every piece. If the stitching is of poor quality, by being raised in some areas, or if you see the string knot then it is a replica.

The bag should look neat and sturdy, not slouching to one side or lopsided. This is caused by either uneven lousy stitching or not quality material that’s to thin. Coach uses leather or suede trim, not pleather or shiny plastic.

It’s easier to tell the difference between leather and plastic in person. You can usually tell by the smell, however, there are handbags out there that are made of plastic and sprayed with leather perfume, which smells more like a new car than a purse. If you are looking at a picture, you can generally tell if it looks too shiny or cheap looking.

You ask your self how they could get away with this? They import them without the fake designer labels. Then upon purchase by an unsuspecting person, the vendor will glue on a cheap label.

There is such thing as a good deal. However, if someone claims to have a handbag for sale that isn’t even in stores yet, you should pass. If purchasing from an unauthorized dealer or from an auction site, the only understandable good deal would be if it were a bag from a past season.

A Helpful Link

This is one of my favorite bookmarks as well as top visited site by me and many Coach lovers to help when I am sometimes doubtful if something is real or not. Click Here For The Coach Drilldown
Its called the drilldown and all you have to do is replace the style number in this link with the style number of a bag you are researching. If no picture comes up, it may be a fake. Often times, the real Coach style numbers inputted will produce a picture of the actual bag on your webpage.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

The main point I want to stress to you is to follow your intuition. If you think something just isnt right with a bag, and you cant find enough info on it by searching the web, then by all means, pass on it. As the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry"!


NO AUTHENTIC Coach Bag I Have Ever Purchased Or Recieved Has Ever Had Plastic On The Handles!! These Are Fleamarket/Cheap Knock Offs! Stay Away Unless You Dont Mind Your Bag Falling Apart In 2 Weeks..Yes I Know They May Only Cost $20-50 Dollars a Pop But You Will Be The Laughing Stock Of Your Friends, Those That Have Read My Blog That Is... lol

I am also available to help you any way that I can at Shoot me an email with a picture of your questionable bag and I will give you my opinion

In Closing, I Hope You Are Able To Find An Authentic Coach Bag Of Your Dreams, At A Great Price!


If you’re unsure if you are purchasing from an authorized Coach dealer, then contact Coach. Just call their 800 number and they should tell you if you are dealing with a certified seller. Read into the website by checking the “about us” or “customer service” section. If anywhere on there sounds suspicious then stay away. Con artists try to hide the fact that they are selling fakes. Commonly when describing their products, they would state they are “designer inspired”, or “grade A replica’s”. They put these words in there to protect themselves from any lawsuits.

How do I report counterfeit Coach merchandise?
Combating counterfeiting of Coach product is an important objective for Coach. Please e-mail your information to or use the Coach anti-counterfeiting hotline to report counterfeiters and unauthorized distributors of Coach merchandise at 1-800-396-1807.